The Quest For Every Beard Type

A different man on each picture, still the same guy. He decided to do all those beards from the Chart of Facial Hair Types. You can see the results here.

Fresh Guacamole

The shortest film ever nominated for an Oscar.

Cool Street Art From Spain

This Spanish guy takes the Rolling Stones seriously. He paints it black.

Elevator Moods

I too have caught myself watching more and more of these clips.

Hobby Buddies

A nice photo series about people who are linked through their hobbies.

Study Determines This Is the Most Relaxing Song Ever

I would be interested to hear more about the methodology of this.

Dutch Artist Reincarnates Childhood Drawings

This guy takes his childhood doodles seriously, and with a reason.

Escher for Real

Some people here tried to model Escher's drawings. I think the results are mixed, sometimes even disillusioning (at least for the layman that I am, who didn't know the tricks). Nevertheless, the whole thing is utterly interesting (alas a bit technical).

Cities of Food

Nice job, but Budapest should have been made of Goulash.

‘Elephants on Acid’ and Other Bizarre Experiments

Here you can read about some really weird scientific efforts. And here you can see another type of experiment that resulted in this picture, among others.

How Much Time Have You Wasted on Facebook?

Since I don't have a personal account, I'm fortunate enough to have wasted only a little via our Earthly Mission Facebook page.

African Cocoa Farmers Taste Chocolate for the First Time

This is pretty funny and sad at the same time.
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