The Last Time Each European Country Was Occupied

An awesome map of who occupied who last time (hopefully) in Europe.

Really Live Webshop

I am not meaning to post old websites only, but I remember I liked this.

Spaced Out Office Furniture

You may have noticed that I have not been at my desk today. Anyway, here is some office furniture that makes me want to be.

The A-Z Of Alien Species

Here's an old website that tells it all about us aliens.

30-Second Bunnies Theatre

If you have been around on the Internet for a while you have probably come across this already: hilarious 30-second versions of major movie titles  

Rent a German

I first came across this site about a decade ago and still find it quite disturbing.

Learn to Code from Scratch

Sending this to my sweetheart - might come in handy for others too.

Most Musical Otters

Hotter than Hottest music show from otters.

Wake Boarding in the Jeita Grotto

Wow, I have actually been in this cave - but on a regular visitor boat. They were indeed quite strict about taking photos, but the rigor seems to have all gone.

Londoners continue to browse at a bombed-out library, 1940

Got this one from a very interesting picture blog on rarely seen history (alas in Hungarian!)

I am about to blog again

Looking for data...

Still moving

Move the black bars around. Classic.
Earthly Mission