Space, the gif

This may take a bit longer to load, but it will yield space...

Portraits Génétiques

You look just like your mother. It must be genetic.

The Useless Web

Most useless websites for your pleasure.

Real Eagle Eye

Someone strapped a camera on the back of an eagle. The footage is breathtaking, but wouldn't this count as animal abuse?

Our Cat

So here is our cat. Sort of a spacey kind. But there is something in her eyes that would not let me go. We party a lot together. We do.

Cats and Lollypops: A Dangerous Combination

The exact reason why we don't buy lollypops for our kids. We have a cat (photo follows).

A Real Space Ship

See around in the cockpit of Space Shuttle Discovery.

Coming Up

I like gifs and subways. Esepecially leaving them.

Kerouac: On the Roll

The world's longest (and best) paragraph.

The End of Silence (We Are Back)

Hello Earth! We are ufonauts from Planet Anchor (situated in galaxy far-far away) who have come to extract the juice of your Internet. We remained silent for a while after our first mission to Planet Earth in the 2000's under the name Spacemaker's X-Files, but now we are back to inform earthlings about anything that is unexpected, mysterious, weird or...
Earthly Mission