A very echological something.

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How German portable computers looked like in the 80′s

As you can see, they weren't lightweight.

Hugest London Panorama

Allegedly, this the largest panorama photo in the word at the moment, and sure enough, you can even zoom in on the windows to see who is doing what. Furthermore, with a right click you can access interesting views like this one.

The marketplace of successfully crowdfunded products.


That's one of the reasons why I don't have a side bar on the home page.

Bottle Cap Blues

Some of my friends do this with their teeth or even their eye socket. But I guess there is one of those guys in every circle of friends.

Secret & Hidden Pool in the Mojave Desert

Here is something I would like to discover nowadays in our drought-stricken garden.

Rarely Seen History: Racism and Nazism (15 pics)

Some rare photograhps that reflect the absurdity of these two concepts without showing dead bodies or fighting armies.

Museum of Endangered Sounds

Sounds like a gap filler.