Real Eagle Eye

Someone strapped a camera on the back of an eagle. The footage is breathtaking, but wouldn't this count as animal abuse?

Our Cat

So here is our cat. Sort of a spacey kind. But there is something in her eyes that would not let me go. We party a lot together. We do.

Cats and Lollypops: A Dangerous Combination

The exact reason why we don't buy lollypops for our kids. We have a cat (photo follows).

A Real Space Ship

See around in the cockpit of Space Shuttle Discovery.

Coming Up

I like gifs and subways. Esepecially leaving them.

Kerouac: On the Roll

The world's longest (and best) paragraph.

The End of Silence (We Are Back)

Hello Earth! We are ufonauts from Planet Anchor (situated in galaxy far-far away) who have come to extract the juice of your Internet. We remained silent for a while after our first mission to Planet Earth in the 2000's under the name Spacemaker's X-Files, but now we are back to inform earthlings about anything that is unexpected, mysterious, weird or...
Earthly Mission