History Pin

Wow, these streets were really drawn with a pencil and ruler. This is a very historical pin-up taken from a site called Historypin, which has some really remarkable options like the satellite based maps, the projects or the tours.

Children’s Drawings Turn to Life

A nice idea by a Korean artist.

A Free Cat

Today was the first day our 15-year-old cat spent a whole day out of 4-walls. It happened in the Garden of Eden we have just moved to (see earlier posts). Just letting you know because she was and is a main protagonist of my old/new blog.

The Dirty Punk Fuckin’ Anarchy Machine

One of my favourite machines.

Drinking in the Rain

I know this is old as hell but I thought it would be a nice match to the London genlemen reading in the bombed down library. I would have sworn it was from Eastern Europe though, not Ireland.

Take On Me: Literal Video Version

I am still trying to figure out how they did this. This is not the original version! You hear what you see.


Talking of hallucinogenic stuff, is he not Einstein?

Zoom Quilt

Wow, this is pretty weird and hallucinogenic stuff too...

Every airplane that is flying in the world right now

The title (and the amount of planes over each continent) says it all.

White Line

Something to kill your time with while you are on LSD or simply hallucinating.