Renault F1 Singing “La Marseillaise”

I know this is old, but I still like it. The English version is also nice.

Bio Motion Lab: Walker

A nice interactive walking generator, or what to call it...

Watching TV for the First Time… an appliance store window in 1948. The rest of this collection is also quite amazing.


Still watching football, erghhh, I mean soccer? Well, I am not, I am blogging (this).

Photoshop as Art

I think the time is ripe to add photoshopping to the traditional family of visual arts. And this particular picture is proof that Photoshop arists do indeed have a hard time until they reach this kind of level. (Here is another set from the same guy.)


Seems like you are still watching, so I am carrying on. I cannot wait to hear your comments, but, of course, please feel free to digest first.

Link to the Past

This is connected to the previous post in a sad way.

World War II Propaganda Posters

Although you won't find this particular picture there, I find this by country WW II propaganda poster collection quite wikid.

Soccer Balls Are Not Edible

According to the site referred to in the previous post, other images have emerged in the lead-up to the World Cup that paint a similar picture. Perhaps the most famous is the graffiti done by Brazilian Paulo Ito on a São Paulo schoolhouse. And here is another image that is rather telling too.

Games and Reality

Even though according to this site this photo was not taken at the World Cup (as some people on Facebook have claimed), I think it illustrates extremely well the source of the tensions that are so palpable around the 2014 games.