Photos of Everyday Life in 1950s New York Discovered in Attic


These recently discovered old school portraits of New York capture the city in the 1950’s, as seen through the Rolleiflex lens of the undiscovered photographer Frank Larson. While digging through his aunt’s attic, where Larson stowed away his images in 1964, the photographer’s grandson found this remarkable collection of street scenes that give a candid glimpse into the history of the big city.


newyorkstreets19503 newyorkstreets19504 newyorkstreets19505 newyorkstreets19506 newyorkstreets19507
newyorkstreets19508 newyorkstreets19509 newyorkstreets195010 newyorkstreets195011 newyorkstreets195012
newyorkstreets195013 newyorkstreets195014 NewYorkStreetScenes1950s1

via My Modern Met


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