As Pollution Levels In India Drop, People Start Seeing The Himalayas For The First Time In 30 Years

We have already reported on some of the positive effects the coronavirus quarantine had on the environment in China, and now India has followed suit.

People living in the Jalandhar district of Punjab of Northern India, located around 125 miles (200 km)! away from the Himalayas, reported that as pollution levels in the country have dropped, they are able to see the Himalaya mountains for the first time in 30 years.

Here are some of the photos they have shared on social media.

Image credits: harbhajan_singh
Image credits: gauravbhanu89
The mountains are visible again due to the reduced pollution in the region
Image credits: gull_1985
Image credits: Manu_Mehta_ind
Image credits: KangManjit
Image credits: kash_education
Image credits: susantananda3
Image credits: dhruv158cap
Image credits: Rajesh18Gandhi
Image credits: manaman_chhina
Image credits: covsinghtj
Image credits: abbu_pandit
Image credits: ABfile7

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