Porcelaine Fighters at Breaking Point


Ufonaut Petak has called my attention to photographer Martin Klimas‘ ‘temporary sculptures’, which capture the moment when delicate porcelain figurines hit the floor and shatter into a thousand pieces. Thanks for the heads up (off?), my friend.

According to Klimas, it takes countless attempts to get the thing right, and he only uses one photograph for each figurine that best expresses a transformation of the figurine into a new form. So apparently it’s a good business for the makers of these porcelaine, I mean (Made in) China, figurines, too. But we, viewers, are the ones who profit from it most.


martial-arts-at-breaking-point-porcelaine-martin-klimas-3 martial-arts-at-breaking-point-porcelaine-martin-klimas-4 martial-arts-at-breaking-point-porcelaine-martin-klimas-5 martial-arts-at-breaking-point-porcelaine-martin-klimas-6 martial-arts-at-breaking-point-porcelaine-martin-klimas-7 martial-arts-at-breaking-point-porcelaine-martin-klimas-8


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