Portraits of New Zealand Gang Members Will Give You Shivers


New Zealand may be a country known for its picturesque Lord Of The Rings scenery, but did you know that soldiers from Mordor have also infiltrated this beautiful land? Nevertheless, now they are captured! On photo…

Photographer Jono Rotman managed to get hardened gang members of New Zealand’s infamous Mighty Mongrel Mob, the largest in the nation, to sit for large format photography. Man, that must have been quite a job…

When telling Vice how he had gained access to the mob, Rotman explained, “I told them I wanted to take martial portraits. And you know, regardless of where the Mob are viewed in the social hierarchy, these men have committed to a creed and fought battles, sometimes to the death.”

UPDATE: according to one of our readers in New Zealand “these guys are the worst of the worst murderers and rapists, and Rotman’s exhibition created anguish for victims and families in the country. The photographer got flack as the exhibit was close to the time one Member of the Mongrel Mob was going up for murder of a young father, he is the one on the right.” For more info on the controversy attracted by the exhibition, watch the video by a New Zealand TV channel below the images.

portraits-of-new-zealands-largest-gang-1 portraits-of-new-zealands-largest-gang-2 portraits-of-new-zealands-largest-gang-3 portraits-of-new-zealands-largest-gang-4 portraits-of-new-zealands-largest-gang-6 portraits-of-new-zealands-largest-gang-7 portraits-of-new-zealands-largest-gang-8 portraits-of-new-zealands-largest-gang-9 portraits-of-new-zealands-largest-gang-10

portraits-of-new-zealands-largest-gang-5 portraits-of-new-zealands-largest-gang-11

via Vice  h/t borepanda


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