Private Moments of the Royal Family Photoshopped

Alison Jackson is a photographer who is so preoccupied with the private lives of public figures that she makes imaginary snapshots of their behind the door moments with Photoshop. We are not into peeping of course, but mesmerized that this can be done. Anyway, here is what she made up on the royal family.

royal_family_private_life_220914_0broyal_family_private_life_220914_1 royal_family_private_life_220914_2

royal_family_private_life_220914_3 royal_family_private_life_220914_4 royal_family_private_life_220914_5 royal_family_private_life_220914_6
royal_family_private_life_220914_7 royal_family_private_life_220914_8


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