Real-Life Thomas the Tank Engine Spotted in Japan

Gosh, if I show this to my kids, I’ll have to buy plane tickets to Japan.


Photograph by AFP via International Business Times

A life-sized Thomas the Tank Engine was spotted in the mountains of Japan, west of Tokyo and near the city of Shimada in Shizuoka prefecture. The steam engine replica belongs to the Oigawa Railway. The company is famous for its old-fashioned steam locomotives which carry passengers through isolated spots in the surrounding area, populated by mountains and hills, to one of the many hot spring resorts. Here are some more pictures and a youtube video of the real Thomas (and the real Hiro, because the story continues):

thomas-tank-engine-real_life_140115_1 thomas-tank-engine-real_life_140115_2 thomas-tank-engine-real_life_140115_3 thomas-tank-engine-real_life_140115_4

thomas-tank-engine-real_life_140115_5thomas-tank-engine-real_life_140115_6 thomas-tank-engine-real_life_140115_7 thomas-tank-engine-real_life_140115_8

International Business Times 1, IBT 2 via Twisted Sifter


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