Photos/Timelapse of Record-Breaking ‘Sail Amsterdam’ Will Make You Want to Attend This Year’s Event

Tall ships from all over the world visit Amsterdam for the greatest nautical spectacle in the world.

SAIL Amsterdam is among the biggest attractions in Amsterdam whereby scores of tall ships and hundreds of other historical ships gather along the river IJ for an amazing parade. The event is organized once every five years, usually between August 19 to August 23, during which the ships take part in various events such as sailor choirs or re-enactments of naval battles. Aside from the participating ships, thousands of smaller yacht and boats filled with spectators join them creating a breathtaking sight.

The last (2015) event was attended by a record-breaking 2.7 million people who came to watch the maritime spectable that included at least 50 tall ships and hundreds of smaller watercraft. The above aerial photo and a timelapse filmed by Boyd Baptist really capture the enormity of the event.

(Find some more great photos of Sail Amsterdam below the video!)

As many as 8,000 boats gathered during SAIL Amsterdam 2000. Photo credit
Photo credit
A so-called ‘Pieremachochel’, the Prins Willem. Photo credit
Crowds at SAIL Amsterdam 2010. Photo credit
The Stad Amsterdam, the flagship of SAIL Amsterdam 2010. Photo credit
Photo credit
A photo of the Sail-in Parade of Sail Amsterdam 2010. Photo credit
A sail boat during SAIL Amsterdam 2010. Photo credit
Amerigo Vespucci at SAIL Amsterdam 2005. Photo credit
Early morning overview of tall ships. Photo credit

The next Sail Amsterdam will take place in August 2020, so it’s time to make travel plans!


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