Snow Print of Owl Capturing Rabbit


This was submitted by Holsti97 to summitpost back in 2006. He wrote:

“Follow the rabbit tracks. BAM! The tracks suddenly end where the wing prints of an owl start. This picture was taken by a friend of a friend who teaches in Bethel, Alaska. Photo by Susan Barstow.”

Apparently Susan is not the only person to have been lucky enough to encounter such a thing with a camera in her hand. Check out this one, for example – it was found in Chicago earlier this year. Indeed, another abrupt end for one critter in the talons of a bird of prey.

Naturalist Margaret Gadzaka pointing to the snow print. (Credit: Red Oak Nature Center)
The snow print shows mouse tracks coming to an abrupt end. (Credit: Red Oak Nature Center)


  1. I believe it. I took a picture of an owl who sat in a tree outback literally all afternoon. I came out to tracks similar to this only outline of owl in this pic way more detailed, I could only clearly see the side wings in snow not tail. I wish I though to take pics of tracks. I have taken pics of the several breeds I often see sitting in my 100ft weeping hemlocks awaiting prey!


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