Some Life Hacks That May be of Your Interest

Here are some cool ways to hack the system called Life. Good luck!

Some life hack that may be of your interest

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  1. Ha ha…. the Sharpie temp tattoo is funny. It says it will go away in a month if you put powder and hair spray on it. GUESS WHAT……if you just write with Sharpie on your skin it will go away also.

  2. What a crock of shit. You’re about to projectile vomit across the living room. “Hold on”, you say to yourself as the bile rises, “I’ll just nip to the freezer and get a few spoonfuls of ice cream first”

    • There is a greater part of that list that IS based purely on fact, but if you don’t see that. Its your loss. As for a few of the oddities such as washing your food in a dishwasher or taking minimal advice on what to do if you are being buried alive..obviously someone thought they were a little more clever then they actually were..

      Keep an open mind though. 🙂

  3. My dishwasher does not have a cold setting for sure. Also diswashers get a lot of gunk in them if you haven’t cleaned your dishwasher this could be disgusting.Fruit is porous and will probably soak up any residual dishwasher detergent which is a substance you should not ingest. In these days of water conservation the dishwasher doesn’t get as much water flowing through them or use as much force as they used to to rinse it out.
    Washing fruit by hand is a much better idea.

  4. “If you ever need some help because you’re sad and depressed call an extremely busy hotline. You may have to wait awhile and they may not help you, but they’ll sure make you angry. See, depression solved.”

  5. If I’m being burried alive, rest assured I won’t be laying there with my hands free to do anything with. If they were free, I wouldn’t be buried alive.

  6. The marshmallow thing won’t work. Once upon a time, marshmallows were actually flavoured with the marshmallow plant, which does have sore-throat soothing properties. Now? They’re just candy made with cheap artificial flavour and high fructose corn syrup. 😛

    • Marshmallows have gelatin in them which would coat the lining of your esophagus; helping to ease the burn of stomach acid. I’d say a better suggestion is to eat straight up jello..

  7. Fruit cleaned in the dishwasher? Ummm, it gets hot enough to sanitize dishes…. HOT FRUIT? Gross. Ill stick to soaking them in chill water & Apple CIder Vinegar…

      • If you’ve ever looked inside your dishwasher, you would have probably seen that there’s heating elements inside to heat the water.

        • If you’ve ever read the manual, you would have probably seen that there’s a short programme circulating cold water – at least not hot 😉

    • Why did you say “umm?” You know you’re not typing this live, right? You can collect your thoughts and THEN type them out. And anyway, I think the point is to clean everything at once, and not to immediately eat the fruit.

      • the point is most dishwashers don’t have a cold setting so you’d be cooking the fruit. weather or not you eat it right after is irelevent. blus unless it is new there is a very real chance of spraying your fruit with food particles and residual detergent from the dishwasher and fruit is porus and could absorb such things. it is an awful idea.

  8. These are AMAZING. Hiding things in a pretend outlet? I haven’t seen that idea since it was in an Edmund Scientific catalog in 1982. That’s almost as brilliant as hidings things in the freezer!

  9. What a stupid post.

    Advil Liqui-Gels don’t “cure a pimple right away.”

    Covering your face with your shirt when being buried alive won’t help prevent you from BEING BURIED ALIVE.

    Asking for unsalted fries at a busy restaurant is a sure fire way to get hot fries….that have been spit in.

    • why would your fries get spit on for asking for no salt. if anything you are giving them less work to do. let me rephrase that for you. “Asking for unsalted fries at a busy restaurant is a sure fire way to get hot fries….that have no salt on them.” sure the fries will be hot but i like salt. best time to go is during busy hours when fries don’t have time to sit under a hot lamp.

      and yeah, most people who were buried alive probably didn’t have the luxury of free hands to do things with.

    • The problem with that is:
      The salt that goes on the fries is rock salt. The salt in the salt packets is table salt. It tastes WAYY different and usually you’ll have pretty poor luck spreading it. My advice: just take the chance and order regular fries. If you go during the lunch or dinner rush, they won’t have time to go bad. Sure you may wait a bit longer, but its better than fries that taste wrong (in my opinion).

        • Any good cures for hemroid flare up? It’s itchin and burnin something fierce. I scratched at it but then my finger smelled like shit.

          • fill a multipurpose glove i.e. latex glove, with water….tie the end and put in freezer…once frozen, you can insert one of the fingers into the rectum that should ease discomfort…..DONT scratch them, aside from smelly…your risking an infection….good luck

          • Mike W.==…..witch hazel , duct tape ! One is for your ass & one is for fingers & possibly your mouth if u haven’t already takin the step up from smelling, you’ll be tasting!. Most importantly find a class (& take IT) on ‘ETHICS’, (look it up) So the innocent (us) can be spared. Eat lots of dairy, red meat & sit on your butt for long period of time. When the hemorrhoids are the size of a grapes poke the with large needle. Make sure your in the appropriate place. where others dont inadvertently have to hear/see what your thinking! OR ya could just GOOGLE it!

      • define fresh. panda express is fast food. subway is fast food. any place that doesn’t have a waiter to take your order is fast food. the idea that fast food places serve only two day old heat lamp food is bs.


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