Stereoscopic Animated GIFs from Lake Balaton, 1917

Since I have spent many unforgettable summers at this splendid lake in Hungary, I was happy to stumble upon a set of anim gifs about holiday makers there from as early as 1917. Of course, Frigyes Schroch – the guy who made them – didn’t create anim gifs at the time; rather he created stereoscopic images that were then turned into gifs by this Hungarian blog. Since very few (even conventional) photographs have survived from the era that document the life at the lake, I thought this is a must see for everyone – both for those who have spent time at the lake, and those who haven’t.

holiday makers at Lake Balaton in 1917

woman lying on Balaton beach in 1917

Women and children at Lake Balaton in 1917

woman coming out of Lake Balaton in 1917

woman and child at Lake Balaton in 1917

couple and beach goers at Lake Balaton in 1917

holiday makers building sand castle at Lake Balaton in 1917

All photos by: Frigyes Schoch / /


  1. I have been to this lake a while ago and liked it a lot. The nightlife was a bit boring though. But the water was nice and warm.


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