(Stereo)typical Youtube Viewers

The most common types of Youtube users. Do you agree? Or maybe you have some other types to add?

types of youtube viewers


  1. I love it! You captured every aspect of the Youtube obsessed society that we lie in, and, even if some parts are slightly overemphasized, that pretty much sums up every group of Youtube fans.

  2. And subsequently everybody else: ASIA, Africa-Latin America, Europe itself. The irony is I really needed this confirmation for something I work on and this confirmation was brilliant, with aspects of galactic – just consider how you withdrew the article about netherlands exactly when I entered it (so look at another enemy) or how you described my posture, which was possible by having access to video – so if you wanted to help me you did well – keep it so by pledging may cause in private when the romanians don’t look. Otherwise, still don’t be pigs, but the choice is yours after all!


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