Tag: 3d

3D Reconstruction of Imperial Rome

Love this 3D model. Nice job.

3D Illustration of a Coal Mine

This is cool, I mean coal.

Extremely Cool Newspaper Ad Hides Kitchen Inside Classifieds Page

Finally a classified ad that looks good. Really good.

How to Print a Pizza

'Hey Joe, print me a Neapolitan!'

Zrínyi’s Charge in 3D

Break on through to the other side.

Awesome Kung Fu Motion Visualization

The spirit of kung fu visualized.

Solar Powered 3D Printer

This guy prints glass from the desert for free.

Museum of Energy Mechanical Surface A/V Performance

Wow, this looks awesome...

Clever ‘3D’ Drawings by HuskMitNavn

Clever and fun drawings by a Danish artist.

Wikigalaxy: Wikipedia in 3D

Oh what fun it is to ride Wikipedia this way…
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