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These Creative LEGO Constructions Interact With Their Environment

Somebody played LEGO again, and played it well.

Creative Billboards from Around the World

Everybody hates ads, but these are likeworthy.

Coolest Earphone Ads Ever

We love these.

Most Creative Business Cards Ever

Business cards don't have to be boring.  

These Natural History Museum Ads Are Real Mashup Treasures

To me, this is what natural history is all about.

Being Locked Out Fom Dave

Your past, humans, looks weird.

The Guerilla Tissue

I go up in life.

Amazing Optical Illusion Truck Ads

These look pretty awesome.

Magic Massage from the Past

Man, who was (is?) Dr Swift?

Scary, Giant Size Alien Eye Creature

It obeys your commands for only 2 bucks. What are you waiting for?
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