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Regional Giraffe Patterns Throughout Africa

Who knew giraffes had different patterns?

Most and Least Widely Spoken Languages in Africa

Do you think I N|uu? No I didn't. I mean, I don't.

Shoes That Grow

Your self-lacing Nikes redefined, earthlings.

Land Grabbing in Africa – A New Way of Colonization

Africa is being recolonized. Silently and on a mass scale.

Map of Africa with Ethnic Boundaries

Africa without colonization basically.

The Semi-Global Herb Map

They are informative and look good too!

African Large Mammals vs. American Large Mammals

Here's what they might have shown to the killer of poor Cecil.

Earliest Map of Africa Dates Back to 1554

How Africa was seen from Europe in 1554.

Protesting Bushman Style

What should a protester wear in a country where skiing is non-existent?

Africa Without Colonization

A detailed look at an alternate continent.

Mowgli Girl

The facts that she was raised in the wild and that she resembles our own daughter quite a bit instinctively made me worried when I first saw these pictures.
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