Tag: amazing

Creative Billboards from Around the World

Everybody hates ads, but these are likeworthy.

Amazing Anagrams

The eyes, they see.

Amazing House Kites by Laurent Chéhère

 ...and other kites, like tent kites and trailer kites...

The Real Batman

Just realized where they got the idea for the movie from...

Amazing Direction Sign Serves as Viewfinder for Mountains

Watch out for (through) this when you are in Switzerland.

X-Tra Cool X-Rays


Traveler T-Shirt With 40 Icons Makes Communication Possible Anytime, Anywhere

I wish I had this on me when I was in South Korea...

Skateboarding Reinvented by Richie Jackson

Pure awesomeness... by Frank Zappa...

How Happiness is Coming to You

It walks. It walks.

Breathtaking Photos of Faraway Places by Steve McCurry

The world as you have never seen it.

3-Dimensional Fractal Sculptures Created With Ferrofluid

You have to see this thing in motion...

Small But Awesome Epiphanies

Those small 'aha' experiences.
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