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Paintings Manipulated with Objects or Vice Versa (?)

These paintings are objective. Really.

Looking Back On Easter

LotsĀ of eggs this year.

The anthropologists decided that this tribe was to remain “uncontacted”

You might have seen this circulating on Facebook and Reddit already. Now here is the less romantic truth about it: this is an art piece, but a real nice one.

Remakes of Famous Photos With John Malkovich

Remakes of classic photographs with John Malkovich as a model. Pretty cool stuff. At times pretty, at times cool...

Girl in the Wild (and Not Photoshopped)

These pictures remind me of the Mowgli Girl post from a while ago. Anyway, Katerina Plotnikova has it too.

Can you find out what he is painting?

The revelation comes at the end.
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