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Drugs Don’t Get You High – It’s All In You

The science of what really makes you feel high.

What Music Does to Your Brain, Part 2

Musical brainwash types.

Talents Hidden in Our Left Brain & Right Brain

This LEFT you dumbfounded too, RIGHT?

What Music Does to Your Brain

Where all that music goes and what it does to your brain. I know what electronic music and Iron Maiden has done to mine.

Comparing a Brain Cell to the Universe

Is the similarity a coincidence?

Eunoia: Artist Manipulates Water With Her Mind

An organic follow up to the previous post(s): “Eunoia” is a performance that uses the artist's brainwaves to manipulate the motions of water.

The Wonders Within Your Head

Infographic that gives an easy understanding of how the different parts of the brain function.
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