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Amazing Animation of How Major Brazilian Rivers Flow

Where Brazilian rivers flow.

Meet The Six-Fingered Family

Gimme six.

Weird Soccer Fields from Brazil

I guess you can really learn to play soccer on these kinds of fields. Especially when you are on the wrong side.

This is how my neighborhood sounds when Brazil scores in the World Cup

I’ve somehow have missed this hilarious video from 2014 up until now.

Folio for Rolando Mendez

The website of Brazilian scene director Rolando Mendez. Cool stuff.


Meme on Brazil-Germany match showing increasingly embarrased face as number of goals increase
It happened to me yesterday too, but in another way: I was watching the game on my laptop, and my wireless connection started messing around after the second goal. It took around 5 minutes to fix it and it was 0-5 already... Anyway, more from the meme factory here.

Soccer Balls Are Not Edible

According to the site referred to in the previous post, other images have emerged in the lead-up to the World Cup that paint a similar picture. Perhaps the most famous is the graffiti done by Brazilian Paulo Ito on a São Paulo schoolhouse. And here is another image that is rather telling too.
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