Tag: Budapest

The Trash of Budapest

Trash delivery from Hungary's capital.

DVNA: Budapest Without the Danube

It went downtown the drain...

Budapest Transits from Day to Night in Timelapse Photos

When it's midnight in Buda, it's midday in Pest.

Amazing Maps of Medieval Cities

How your city looked in the Middle Ages.

Budapest (I mean Buda & Pest) in 1617

The twofold division of Budapest during the threefold division of Hungary.

From Amsterdam to the Black Sea in 9 Minutes

A 9-minute timelapse taken on waterways across Europe.

Rain Room: Control the Weather

Finally, there is a way to control the weather.

Funny Renderings of Budapest Life & Nightlife by Marcus Goldson

These illustrations of Budapest life & nightlife really hit the bull's eye.

Cities of Food

Nice job, but Budapest should have been made of Goulash.
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