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Interesting and Funny Cat Facts

They nailed all 21 of them.

Cats Hijacking Nativity Scenes

Cats seem to love nativity scenes. A lot.

What Did Those Cats See?

I cats see anything.

Pet Friendly and Not So Pet Friendly Plants

Plant matter that matters to your pet.

Cat-Pack Lets Your Cat Travel Like an Astronaut

Wear your cat on your back.

Music-Loving Kitties Come Up to Ignored Busker and Listen To Him Play

The best part of it is when the kittens start to bob their little heads along with the beat.

Then and Meow: How Technology Has Changed Cats’ Lives

Poor cats suffer more from technology than we do.

Breeds of Different Animals on Amazing Charts

The thousand-animal post.

What Do Cats See?

Another great project by Nickolay Lamm to give you an idea about what your pet actually sees.

How to Make an Animated GIF of Any Moment in Any YouTube Video

I just did this animated GIF from a YouTube video. Here's how.

25 Mind-Blowing Things Science Can’t Explain

Wow, do I know that feeling... Although we are having an icreasing amount of purring around our house, we still cannot explain this and the rest.

Koalas(?) to the Max

It could be because of the little cat we found the other day, but I can't help seeing felines everywhere.
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