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Know Your Penguins

The Macaroni, the Rockhopper, the Fairy and the rest of 'em cuties.

Color Combinations That Go Well With Each Other

Plenty of cool color combinations to work with.

The Addiction Tree

I think we've all been to some of those places...

Presidents of the United States

Did they make a difference?

The Ultimate Tattoo Pain Chart

Before you decide for a tattoo.

The Most Accurate Pie Chart On Planet Earth

The earthlimate pie chart.

The (Not That) Great Variety of Brains

Variations of gray matter.

Types of Aliens Reported

How you see us aliens, earthlings.

Native American Symbols and Their Meanings

Ancient Indian symbols explained.

The Brutally Honest MBTI Chart

Which loathsome waste of oxygen are you?

18th-19th Century Shipping Routes Drawn Based on Ship Logs

The continents, drawn by old shipping routes.

How Hard Is The Wood (You Are About To Chop)

Some of them you shouldn't even consider.
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