Tag: China

Armored Stealth Boat Used for Smuggling Luxury Cars into China

Take a look inside a Chinese car smuggler boat.

China’s Totalitarian Social Credit System Explained

The most ambitious experience in digital social control ever undertaken. It's scary as hell.

The World as Seen by China

How China sees the world.

Shaolin Kung Fu: The Extremes

Made me think about the life I live.

How China Views Europe

Why doesn't Spain annex Portugal?

Longest Traffic Jam in History

Reminded me of Falling Down with Michael Douglas. Good thing guns are not freely available in China.

The Heihe-Tengchong line: 94% of China’s Population Lives East of This Line

Apparently, most of the Chinese have stayed in what was China originally.

Subway Station in the Middle of Nowhere

You get off the subway and what do you do?

How China is Ripping Off the Rest of the World’s Cars

Haha, China is the worst copycat, I mean, copycar of the world.

China from the East

China from an unusual perspective.

Vintage Pictorial Map of China

It was made in 1931. How come it already contains Tibet?
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