Tag: Christmas

Vintage Soviet Christmas Postcards

Season's greetings, earthlings.

A Funny and Weird Rendering of the Holidays by Chris (Simpsons Artist)

Wait till you see tha-tha-thanksgiving. He won't fool me again.

Weird Vintage Christmas and New Year Greeting Cards

Those Victorians were crazy. The murderous frogs are killer too.

The Xmas X-Files

Merry Xmas earthlings. Don't get too alienated!

Cheap Christmas Decoration Rocks

Rocks... I mean classic.

Explaining Epiphany to Your Kids

Today, my daugther asked me "Dad, what's epiphany?". This is what I came up with.

Cool Idea for a Christmas Gift

There's hope.

Most Popular Holiday Toys of the Past 50 Years

I've experienced most of them, and I wish you a good experience too - for this Christmas and in general:)

Watch the Cyber War in Real Time (And Even in 3D)

The Cyber War continues while I’ve been released from the bodily prison of Christmas cakes.

Thanks God It’s Christmas

All the best to you earthlings.

How Much Does It Cost to Book Your Favorite Band?

Perhaps it is not too late to book some entertainment for your Christmas/New Year’s Party?
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