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America’s Most Godless and Godly Cities

100 US cities ranked according to how "Bible-minded" they are.

The Lost Wallet Experiment

Where to lose your wallet.

Great Cities Made of Old Computer Parts

Going to level C64?

What if Europe Was Divided Into City States (Again)?

An interesting experiment which may as well turn into reality one day. Apparently, the London one is already forming.

Paris as a Movie Set (4K)

Paris as a Potemkin village.

Amazing Maps of Medieval Cities

How your city looked in the Middle Ages.

Heroes of the Golden Age Haunt Modern Detroit

Detroit repopulated with its former residents.

A Trip in San Francisco Just Before the Earthquake

San Francisco just before the earthquake and fire (WITH SOUND).

Judgmental City Maps

Your city stereotyped.

One World Trade Center Elevator Ride Timelapse

One World Trade Center elevator ride shows change of NYC skyline from the 1500s till now.

Size of Comet 67P Compared to Major European Cities

It would be a big blast for sure, but that's not what they meant.
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