Tag: clothing

Ten Great Years of the Beatles

A history of beatwear.

The Dadbag: For When You Can’t Develop a Beer Belly, However Hard You Try

I don't need this anymore, but you may...

Traveler T-Shirt With 40 Icons Makes Communication Possible Anytime, Anywhere

I wish I had this on me when I was in South Korea...

The Devil’s Shoes

Some weird shoes made of animal parts.

(Real) Cartoon Bags

Make yourself look as if you came out of a comic strip.

Don’t Measure a Woman’s Worth by Her Clothes

I guess men are judged by their clothes too, but the scale has less extremes.

Body Jacket

Feel good in your own skin.

Pop Stars Gone Metal T-Shirts

Update from Ufonaut Benyo from the world of metal (or pop?).

A Unisex Piece

Today's fashion tip.

Around the World in 80 Hats & 80 Drinks

The hat-wearing and drinking habits of different nations.

Teacher Wears Same Yearbook Photo Outfit for 40 Consecutive Years

Oh, the beautiful chocolate brown one once again, sir? Splendid, splendid.

How to Dress as Any Animal With a Pair of Gloves and Stockings

This is great for a thesis...
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