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How Much Space the Great Lakes Would Take Up If They Were in Europe

Now I understand why they call 'em Great Lakes. They would carve out a good part of the Old World.

How Many Lines of Code Does it Have?

I thought Facebook would be much bigger. Wait till you see Google.

How Many Lines of Code Does it Have?

This data visualization by Information is Beautiful shows how many lines of code different software/things have - including a mouse. Wow, we have gone a long way from Unix v 1.0.

What Rome’s Fuimicino Airport Looked Like in Ancient Times

Wow, it must be the world's oldest (air)port...

Vehicle Speed Compared

How the world has speeded up.

Pluto vs. Australia: How Big (Small) Pluto Really Is

I think I now have an idea about how big (small) Pluto is.

Comparing a Brain Cell to the Universe

Is the similarity a coincidence?

Size of Comet 67P Compared to Major European Cities

It would be a big blast for sure, but that's not what they meant.
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