Tag: computers

The History of Hacking

Mining in the past.

8-Bit Computer Collectible Trump Cards

These trump cards are wild cards.

SIM Cards Are Actually Miniature Computers

I wonder why this is kind of kept as a secret.

The Commocoffee 64

Make coffee with your Commodore 64.

Why the 10 MB Hard Disk Was a Great Novelty

You think it was the worst investment ever? Well, no, unless you had enough space and time to reboot...

Gamer Problems Then & Now

Haha, they are so true.

What the Apple 1 (that a Woman Just Gave for Recycling) Really Looked Like

You won't believe when you see the briefcase version.

Star Wars: Imperial March (on Eight Floppy Drives)

The reason why I still have my old floppy drives (somewhere).

What To Do When The Internet Is Down?

All the options you can try without having to leave your home or office.

LEGO Felt Tip Printer

Man, this must require a lot of determination.

How German portable computers looked like in the 80′s

As you can see, they weren't lightweight.

12 Signs That You Are a Computerholic

These are some serious symptoms which I can trace in my own family.
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