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Which Musicians Played in the Most Countries Each Year Between 1955 and 2019

The highest figures are so unbelievable. Wow.

Olympic Evolution: Participation of Nations in the Summer Olympics Since 1896

How the Olympics has grown to become a world culture phenomenon.

Here Are the Worst & Safest Countries for Solo Female Travel in 2019

Worth checking out. Some surprises there.

This is How Much Land it Would Take If We All Lived Like People in These Countries

How much Earth it would take if we all lived like that country...

North America in 2075

A different sort of North America.

What the World Looked Like When Jesus Christ Was Crucified

Apparently, Iberia and Albania have been relocated since (?)

Map of Africa with Ethnic Boundaries

Africa without colonization basically.

Heaven and Hell Defined

Wait till you see hell...

Maps of Continents and Countries Made of Their Iconic Foods

I think I'm hungry. I need my country's most iconic foods.
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