Tag: crazy

Crazy Wingsuit Flight

No, that's not Batman spread out on a rock, but almost…

Nooooo… Don’t!

Another crazy skier captured (on film).

100 Crazy Facts

We think you'll find these interesting.

Reverse Driver: Indian Man Drives Car Backwards On Busy Highways

I guess this guy saw Naked Gun and got enlightened.

Extreme Downhill Ride in La Paz Bolivia

Great downhill experience extracted by ufonaut Bence. This guy is crazy too, just like the Scotsman.

Romance With No Pants

You won’t believe what these guys are up to (video extracted by ufonaut Bence).

Danny Macaskill: The Ridge

A great film about a crazy biker biking at a beautiful place (extracted by ufonaut Bence, who came from a very metallic planet).
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