Tag: cross section

Inside a Six-Floor Edwardian Home

Life on six floors in a wealthy Edwardian town house.

The NarcoSub: A Cutaway Illustration

What's going on in your seas, earthlings.

3D Illustration of a Coal Mine

This is cool, I mean coal.

Cross-Sections of Paris Buildings from the 1800s

A peepĀ into oldĀ Paris housing.

An Incredibly Detailed Cross-Section Illustration of Kowloon, The City of Anarchy

Will you find the peeing guy in the largest squat ever?

Liquid Limbs: The Arteries In Your Appendages

Somewhat related to the previous post but in another way: You are liquid.

Cross Section / X-Ray of a Spacesuit

A look at (through) your primitive space apparel humans.

The Human Body From Top to Bottom in Cross-Sections

The human body as you have never seen before. Or have you?
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