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If Your Country Get Beaten, So Will She

The Football World Cup has a dark side to it...

Beatboxer Makes Amazing Dubstep Sounds Using a McDonald’s Cup & Straw

The first time dubstep entertained me.

How to Drink in Moderation: The Pythagorean cup

Man, I wish had had one of these on me yesterday... I wouldn't feel so crappy now.

This is how my neighborhood sounds when Brazil scores in the World Cup

I’ve somehow have missed this hilarious video from 2014 up until now.


Meme on Brazil-Germany match showing increasingly embarrased face as number of goals increase
It happened to me yesterday too, but in another way: I was watching the game on my laptop, and my wireless connection started messing around after the second goal. It took around 5 minutes to fix it and it was 0-5 already... Anyway, more from the meme factory here.

84 Years of World Cup Posters

This poster is certainly very different from the one they produced this time (it looks as if it came straight out of an old comic book). I like this one too, but some of the other old posters here really give a hint of the times when soccer was more art than business.

Troll Face Quest 5

And here is another leisure activity for breaks: troll the games.

World Cup: What to Drink

And here is what to drink.

World Cup: What to Expect

BTW re: World Cup: here is what to expect while you start watching (especially in England).
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