Tag: DIY

Cool Ways to Make Shadow Puppets

Need to find some shade.

Craft a Metal Detector in 6 Easy Steps

That's much easier than I thought... Now, where did I put that old FM radio?

A Cheap and Easy Way to Make a Water Filter

Making drinking water is actually pretty easy.

No Weed or Pallet Gardening

No weed this summer.

Beer Can Wifi Booster

Finally, a use for those beer cans.

How to Make an Instant Gas Mask

This could come in handy after drinking a gallon of something.

Turn Your Smartphone Into Black Light

Must be one of the simplest and greatest DIY hacks ever.

Amazing Anamorphic Illusion (DIY in 5 Mins)

You can actually do this amazing trick at home in 5 mins.

Magnetic Levitation in Your Home

One of the best DIY things I've seen. I learnt a lot about the Force.

Do It Yourself 3D Hand

This seems so simple that I’ll definitely do it with the kids tomorrow.


"The fish are flying low today, sir."

The Dream Machine

Has anybody tried this? If yes, we would be curious to hear about their user experience.
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