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How to Find a Lost Dog

Hm, seems interesting. Do you think it could work?

This Russian Made Muzzle Turns Your Toy Dog Into a Werewolf


How Wolflike is Your Dog?

...or your neighbor's dog?

Funniest Coke Bottle in the World

Guess what?

Soviet Dog Spacesuit from Sputnik 5 Mission in 1961

I don't think the dog liked it, but decide for yourself.

Dog Breeds 100 Years Apart

100 ears apart.

A Snowy Wedding From a Dog’s Perspective

We need more camera dogs.

Determine Your Pet’s True Age

Two charts to help you determine your pet’s real age in human years, be it a cat or a dog.

World’s First Wingsuit Base Jumping Dog

Seems like the little guy is used to it. I would shit myself (despite having done paragliding).

Mutant Giant Spider Dog

One guy in the video has balls, but balls big enough?
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