Tag: drawing

A Day in the Life of a Russian Bench

There is an animated version too.

Birth of the Camel

A biological wonder.

3D Illustration of a Coal Mine

This is cool, I mean coal.

A Possible Look at Bigfoot

Man, were the Ramones involved too?

Drawing a Bike is Not as Easy as It Sounds

Friends draw a bike from memory, designer brings them into life.

World Map Drawn With a Single Line

A map that connects us all.

Old School UFOs

If I remember well, I had a Cigar-type in those days.

A Beautiful Language Family Tree

A very artistic, yet linguistically precise, language family tree by artist Minna Sundberg.

Artist Draws Self-Portraits Under the Influence of Different Types of Drugs

Every possible drug you can imagine.

How Technology Changes (Ruins?) Our Lives

 Here are some great takes on how technology is messing up our lives.
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