Tag: drawings

Craft Artist Turns Kids’ Drawings into Stuffed Toys

Great idea & great implementation.

Book of Revelation: The Antichrist Revealed

All the ways of the Antichrist.

Children’s Monster Doodles Recreated by Professional Artists

All heavy, if not all metal. Anyway, this guy is heavy metal.

Winnie the Pooh Gone Star Wars

Everything is going Star Wars these days and Winnie the Pooh is not an exception.

All the birds that you can see in North America

Cool guide for your bird watching, because it's watching you.

Hilarious Illustrations from Tunisia to Cheer You Up

Hah, these are pretty funny...

Weird But Funny Sketchbook Art

Weirdness can be funny, believe me.

Amazing Celebrity Scribbles

Amazing celebrity doodles from scribbles.

Artist Showcases Drawing Progression From Age 2

A great way to grasp a human’s artistic development.
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