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Places in the UK Where Nobody Lives

No surprises there. The UK is almost full.

The Art of Environment Modding

Make it a maze in (your rear bumper and everything).

People Photographed in 7 Days Worth of Their Trash

Purchase. Consume. Christmas is coming.

The Truth About Your Cup of Coffee

I had no idea that drinking coffee is so dangerous.

DDT is good for me-e-e!

Creepy as hell.

Man Invents Biodegradable Water Bottle

Humans, why don’t you use this sort of thing instead of flooding your planet with plastic?

Destroying Nature is Destroying Life

This has some weird interconnections with the previous post.

Climate Change Told in GIFs

Shocking stuff indeed.

How to Stop People from Littering

You will know where to put your butt.

Beijing’s Smog Cleaned Up For Military Parade

Somehow, I find this to be rather eerie.

Paper or Plastic?

Earthlings, why on earth don't you use collapsible plastic crates for shopping?

The Ocean Cleanup

Finally it seems that something is indeed happening. I mean for real.
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