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Urban Dictionary Map of Europe

Hm, I feel like having a Belorussian breakfast.

Current Logos of National Railway Companies in Europe

Worlds (letters) cannot express what to expect.

Latitude Comparison of North America and Europe/North Africa

In terms of latitudes, most of Europe is in Canada.

How Climate Change Affects Different European Countries

Here's how climate change is hitting Europe.

Wind Resource Map of Europe

Looking at the reddish areas, I'll never complain about windy weather again.

How Much of a Caveman Are You?

I'm more of a caveman than I would've thought.

Population of Europe in 1444

Some surprises there.

3D Reconstruction of Imperial Rome

Love this 3D model. Nice job.

History of Human Migration In(to) Europe Visualized

Apparently, human migation into Europe is not a new thing, lol.

How China Views Europe

Why doesn't Spain annex Portugal?
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