Tag: evolution

Watch Planet Earth Evolve from the Last Ice Age to 1000 Years into the Future

Watch the ice sheet retreat and the planet change.

The Evolution of Computer Programming Language

Wow, the National Weather Service is still using an 1957 programming language?

The Evolution of New York City’s Skyline

How New York's skyline got populated.

Evolution at Work: Beak Adaptations of Birds

This is evolutionary...

From Egg To Chick

Believe me, the egg came first.

How the North American and European Continents Have Formed

It's interesting to find out what land is what under your feet.

The Faces of Early Man

Earthlings, I love these old photos of YOU.

Evolution of the Rock Concert Audience

Rock concert audiences rock - up until about 2015.

Future European Geopolitical Evolution

No, it's not just Europe.

Shaping Humanity: How Man’s Face Changed With Evolution

Do you find this racist too?
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