Tag: experiment

What Happens To An Egg If You Submerge It In Vinegar

I’m curious about how it tastes.

The Lost Wallet Experiment

Where to lose your wallet.

The Conductibility of Psychic Force

LOL, could this have anything to do with science, even psychology?

How Women Visually Explore Men

I knew that men look at women's chests first, but never thought it holds vice versa too.

What People Look Like After 1, 2 and 3 Glasses of Wine (And What About Kristen Stewart?)

Wonder what all this has to do with Kristen Stewart? It'll make you laugh...

When Computers Dream of Pot

A trip-tastic experiment.

Magnetic Levitation in Your Home

One of the best DIY things I've seen. I learnt a lot about the Force.

How Far a Basketball With Backspin Can Go

You'll be surprised to see how far it actually goes.

Adult Stars Watch Their Own Movies With People

“I don’t know how I go back to work after this.”

How to Control Someone Else’s Arm with Your Brain

A new meaning to being brainwashed is on the horizon.

First Hamburger In Space

Fast food has reached outer space!
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