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Average Face of a CEO

I have seen that face a lot of times.

Turn This Photo Upside Down and You See a Shark

I can't believe some people have time to post things like that:)

New Real-Time Video Manipulation Technology is Both Impressive and Terrifying

The stuff is just as terrifying as it is impressive...

Shaping Humanity: How Man’s Face Changed With Evolution

Do you find this racist too?

Face Profile Illusion

Where are you looking man?

The Face of Sidney Combines 160,000 Aussies

The faces of 160,000 Sidney residents morphed into one male and one female composite image.

What We May Look Like in 100,000 Years

Looks like we'll be able to see in the dark.


Here is something funny for you to play around with in the next 5 minutes. I guess the different facial parts belong to the staff of the advertising agency that this comes from.

Troll Face Quest 5

And here is another leisure activity for breaks: troll the games.
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