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A Million Thanks

Today the number of unique visitors to Earthly Mission has reached 1 million, which has translated to over 3 million page views over the 10 months of our existence! Let us express our gratitude with this classic flash animation that seems to match the occasion perfectly. So thank you earthlings and keep visiting!

Matisse for Kids

Hahh, I love these oldie but goldie flash animations. Isn’t this one lovely, for example?

Pipe Cleaner Dance

Choose your music and hit the keys on your keyboard.

Dynamic Planet: Earthquakes & Volcanoes

See how earthquakes and Volcanoes align with tectonic plate margins, and find other similar flash animations here.

Tab N Play

Wow, this one comes right in handy for me as I am about to learn how to play the guitar I got for my birthday from my dear brother Sleepdancer and his equally dear wife. With this free online thing here, you can even upload your favorite music and learn how to play it. Cool, ain't it?

Dj Animation and Other Animations You Can Customize

You can do this kind of thing (a lot of it) on your own site or blog easily. See more here.

Hallucinogenic Kaleidoscope

This one works even without LSD. You can find more of these here.


An old and bony, yet very cool, animation of motion that is rather interactive.

Magic Balls

Some magic balls for your pleasure.
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