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If Your Country Get Beaten, So Will She

The Football World Cup has a dark side to it...

Awesone Giant Ballman Made of 3000 Soccer Balls

This guy has balls. A lot of balls.

Football Tactics of Different Nations

Haha, it's actually true.

Drunken Soccer Rulez

Those Vikings are CRAZY...

Ultimate Football Touch Challenge by Luis Suárez

Wow, how is that possible?

Chicken Football

Chicken ass, chicken shit.

How the Iceland National Football Team Was Actually Selected

This is somewhat related to the previous post.

The Way Hungarian Fans Cheered in Marseille is Bombastic

Here’s what 30.000 Hungarian football fans cheering in unison sound like.

Weird Soccer Fields from Brazil

I guess you can really learn to play soccer on these kinds of fields. Especially when you are on the wrong side.
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