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The Cottage of Content – A Humorous Game

A funny rendering of British society in 1848 which you can actually play.

Where’s WALL•E?

I couldn't find him. Can you?

Angry Birds

I thought why not have Angry Birds on my blog since I never play it on my phone.

Can You Guess the Riff?

I really count on ufonaut Benyo with this...

Heart of the Arctic

Go on an Arctic expedition/scavenger hunt through four distinct environments designed to show users the steps that would be needed to restore climate balance to the arctic region.


Do your own music with your punk band. I used to play Punk-O-Matic 1 a lot back in the old days, and by now Punk-O-Matic 2 is out with more options to customize your music and band (but requiring more time to set everything up).


An old favourite of mine.


One of those Samorost-type things. Really enjoyable.


A very echological something.


A nice game in which you are dropped to an unknown location on Google Maps, where you can look around a bit and then have to guess where you are located on a world map.

Troll Face Quest 5

And here is another leisure activity for breaks: troll the games.

Record Tripping

For a former dj, this does ring a bell.
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